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Good Technologies and Results
 We make mainly cylindorical products, but to coreespond to various machinings such as thin parts, we are preparing the systems.
 We are very skillful especially for inside and outside surface grinding of the rollers, bushes, and pins.
We have much experiences of producing the carburized and/or gas-nitride parts.
We can do from the material arrangements to heat-treatment, the finish grinding, and the surface processing treatment for the batch. Easy unit assembly besides the machining can be done also.
Production Results(continuing)
  • Fuel pump parts for diesel engine for large-scale ship
    Roller guide and surrounding parts for FOP drives of Baruchira, UEC、B&W、and PC.
    Roller guides, rollers, bushes, pins, and so on.
  • Injection molding machine parts, bushes they have vertical direction stopping ditch in inside diameters, Gas-nitride processing, and grinding finish.
  • Air tight rings for vehcle brakes
    Piston rings made of copper alloy which have offset centers and cut-offs.
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